The Cast

The production of His Story the Musical involved the work of dozens of professionals around the globe, including the legendary Wendy Waldman’s Longhouse Studios, award-winning Christian singer Christine Dente’, medalist Atom String Quartet, and noted producer Pawel Zarecki, from locations on four continents. Musicians and vocalists have recorded in Poland, Los Angeles, Singapore and Israel.

The Cast of His Story the Musical

The Voices

Ann Miriam Brown the writer of His Story the Musical
Mary - Anna Miriam Brown

Anna is the writer of His Story and is the voice, and heart of Mary.  A homeschooled dyslexic, Anna penned the songs starting when she was 16 (now 18).

Anna lives in Kauai, Hawaii.

Jamal Moore plays the part of Jesus in His Story the Musical
Jesus - Jamal Moore

Mix classical music with jazz, jazz with pop, and pop with gospel to discover an artist who truly understands the power in living in a musical world without categorical boundaries.


Born and raised in the heart of Augusta, Georgia, Jamal discovered his love for music listening to the soulful gospel melodies of his grandmother and the funky rhythmic beats of his father. Jamal attended college at the Eastman School of Music where he trained in opera. He then finished his collegiate career with the University of Rochester’s a cappella group, The Yellow Jackets. Jamal joined the group competing on Season Three of NBC’s The Sing-Off, where he was a featured soloist each week. As a soloist, Jamal won praise from the judges for his unique voice and ability to mix multiple genres, at once. Jamal returned to The Sing-Off in Season Five, as a member of The Exchange. Since 2012, Jamal Moore has toured over fifty countries with The Exchange, released multiple albums across mainstream platforms, and has shared the stage with musical icons such as Wynton Marsalis and Beyoncé. After years on tour, Jamal is now living his dream of creating music of his own and performing those hits for the world. He continues to release covers/mash-ups for his fans on YouTube and is working on a solo E.P.

Gabriel Brown (Black Gryph0n) plays Peter, Satan, a Pharisee, and the angel Gabriel in His Story the Musical
Peter, Satan, "Little" Pharisee, and the Angel Gabriel - Gabriel Brown (Black Gryph0n)

Gabriel (aka Black Gryph0n) is a singer, actor, musician, song-writer, voiceover artist and US Navy Veteran. During his time in the US Navy Band, he was awarded three Navy Achievement Medals for singing authentically in 12 languages for millions of people in 20 different countries. A few of his recent film and TV roles include two lead characters on "Geronimo Stilton", Becky the Loon in Pixar's "Finding Dory" and lead vocals in Disney Channel's "YoKai Watch". He also has numerous viral videos on his "Black Gryph0n" YouTube channel, including "One Guy, 23 Voices", "asdfmovie10" by Tom Ska, "No Mercy" by TheLivingTombstone, and "Beep Beep I'm a Sheep" by LilDeuceDeuce.

"I'm exceedingly grateful for the opportunities I've had and for the awesome audience that has supported me! I hope to bring as much light and happiness to them as they have brought to me!"

Revel Day plays Matthew in His Story the Musical
Matthew - Revel Day

California born and raised, Revel Day has been singing and performing professionally from the young age of 12. Fast forward a decade and he’s found success in many aspects of the music industry.


As a background vocalist he’s worked with Pharrell, Vance Joy, Kirk Franklin, Stevie Wonder and more. After cutting his teeth as a songwriter, stage performer, and occasional model, Revel has found his true love in artistry. After his debut album, Church Boy, received rave reviews, he shared the stage with artists such as Andy Mineo, Avalon Young, and Xavier Omar.


Revel’s music is a feel good “Alternative Soul” vibe, with lyrics that can alleviate your pain and medicate your soul. Revel Day’s music is just at the beginning, spoken from the talent himself, “I feel like I’m just getting started as an artist, I can’t wait to see where this journey takes me.”

Chase Crandell plays God the Father, a Pharisee and the man with leprosy in His Story the Musical
God the Father, "Big" Pharisee, and man with Leprosy - Chase Crandell
Jess Da Rosa plays Miss Magdalene in His Story the Musical
Miss Magdalene - Jess Da Rosa
Ali Louis Bourzgui plays Joseph in His Story the Musical
Joseph and Andrew - Ali Louis Bourzgui
Giovanni Beatty plays Judas in His Story the Musical
Judas Iscariot - Giovanni Beatty
Rachel Charity Brown plays the Adulteress and Maria in His Story the Musical
The Adulteress and Maria -  Rachel  Charity Brown
Michael Davis plays Jairus in His Story the Musical
Jairus (Father of sick girl) - Michael Davis
Wife of Leper and Townsperson - Cari Richardson
Jadzka Zarecki plays the mother of the sick girl in His Story the Musical
Mother of sick girl  -  Jadzka Klapa Zarecki
Sick girl  -  Samara Booher
Leah Brown is the cutest baby in the world in His Story the Musical
Baby who makes the whole team smile  -  Leah

The Production Team

Producer/Beat Maker/String Composer/Arranger/Apple Crumble Lover  -  Pawel "Bzim" Zarecki

From Warsaw, Poland, Pawel is an over the top creative Genius.  One of the most sought after piano players in Poland, Pawel's musical and production credits are too many to name.

We can't overstate Pawel's contribution to His Story the Musical.  With conviction of heart, he succeeded to musically convey the depth of Anna's songs, crafting a soundtrack that evokes emotion.

Often after creating yet another genius moment in a song, he would quip, "Trust da Lord brother!" and "Don't spit in my face!"

Executive Producer/Manager  -  Joshua Brown

From Indianapolis, Indiana, Josh is a 25 year musician and entrepreneur.  When he heard the songs Anna, his oldest daughter, was writing, he felt a calling to get behind it with he and his wife's book publishing company, Thinking Tree LLC, and produce it professionally. 


While living in Ukraine with their family serving as missionaries with orphans and teenagers, Josh became connected with Pawel "Bzim" Zarecki, who Produced His Story.

Countless hours were spent meeting with Anna, Sarah, Rachel and Kenneth, helping guide the overall vision and process of bringing His Story into reality.

Co-Executive Producer/The Boss/The Brilliant Genius  -  Sarah Janisse Brown

Sarah is an ultra-creative visionary idea person who helped guide many of the decisions in producing His Story.  She is probably the most instrumental person influencing Anna to write His Story, as Anna is Sarah's oldest daughter.

Sarah is also the president of Thinking Tree LLC, a publisher of hundreds of creative homeschooling books.  It is the success of Thinking Tree's books which has fueled the production of His Story.

Production Assistant  -  Kenneth Booher

Kenneth is a talented singer and guitar player.  He was an enormous help working through many details of the song arrangements before going into the studio.  Kenneth lives in Oregon with his family.

In the studio, Kenneth sang almost all (yes all!) the scratch tracks to help the other singers learn their parts, not to mention playing guitar and piano on a few tracks.